WB27T10461 GE Oven Control Board

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WB27T10461 GE Oven Control Board

  • Product: Range/Oven Control Board
  • Part Number: WB27T10461
  • Replacement Parts: WB27T10461 AP3890369 1195056 PS1517446 WB27T10596 EA1517446 AH1517446
    Types: Electronic Circuit Main Control Board Replacement Parts
  • Fits Brands: GE, Kenmore
  • Fits Appliance Types: Range/Oven/Stove
  • Fits Models: 911.47813200 911.47812200 JTP86WF1WW 911.47814200 911.47819200 JTP86BF1BB JTP86SF1SS JTP86CF1CC

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Below is list of popular appliance replacement parts for GE range/oven models on eBay market. Covering electronic circuit main control board, control panel, touchpad, relay board, and more. Please check your appliance model number, find the right part, and check the best prices below.

  • Genuine GE Built-In Oven, Main Control Board # WB27T10312
  • GE Wall Oven Board Machine Control WB27X25553 191D7464G038 #140
  • WB27X25692 GE Wall Oven Bridge EXB1527P001rev1 GE191D7821G00300
  • GE Range Oven Control Board Part 164D8450G175 / WB27X29092
  • Genuine GE Double Oven, Control Board # WB27T10430
  • WB36T10440 GE Double Oven TouchPad Control Panel ONLY
  • WB27T10800 WB27T10399 GE Electric Oven Electronic Control Board
  • GE Range Oven Power Supply Board Part # WB27T11037
  • WB27T11313 GE Range/Range Electronic Control Board
  • WB36T10559 WB27T10399 WB27T10800 GE Wall Oven Control Panel
  • WB36T10559 GE Wall Oven Control Panel, No Control Board Included
  • GE Double Oven Relay Board WB27T10438 229C5114P002
  • GE Double Oven Electronic Control Board WB27T10287 164D4170P017
  • GE Electric Single Wall Oven Model JTP15WOA Main Control Panel Only
  • Range Oven Electronic Control Board (ERC3HP) WB27T10919 for GE
  • Genuine GE Built-In Oven Control Board WB27T10411 191D3159P122
  • Genuine OEM GE Oven Control Board 164D4105P028 Lifetime Warranty
  • WB27T10416 G.E. Range Oven Control Board Timer WG02F01221
  • Brand new genuine GE CONTROL RANGE OVEN (ERC3B) WB27T10833
  • Genuine GE Built-In Oven, Main Control Board # WB27T10411
  • and more.

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