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EBR80595405 LG Range Control Board

EBR80595405 LG Range Control Board

EBR80595405 is a control board used in LG brand ranges. The control board is responsible for managing various functions of the range, such as temperature control, oven settings, and timer functions.

If the control board becomes damaged or malfunctions, it may cause issues with the range’s performance and require replacement.


  • Part Number: EBR80595405
  • Replacement Part Numbers: 4391668, AP6028987, PS11761295, EAP11761295
  • Part Types: Range/Oven Electronic Main Control Board
  • Compatible Brands: LG
  • Compatible Model Numbers: Please check the model numbers listed below.
  • Price: Please check the updated price below.


  • Manages the temperature control of the range
  • Controls the oven settings such as baking, broiling, and roasting
  • Enables the use of timer functions for cooking
  • Monitors the temperature of the oven to ensure safe operation
  • Communicates with other components of the range to coordinate cooking processes
  • Displays error codes to indicate issues with the range
  • Controls the display and user interface of the range.

Common Problems:

Here are some common symptoms that may indicate an issue with the EBR80595405 LG Range Control Board:

  • The range is not heating up or is not heating up to the desired temperature.
  • The oven may not be turning on at all, or may turn off unexpectedly during use.
  • The timer or clock display may be inaccurate or not working properly.
  • The range may be making unusual noises during operation.
  • The control board buttons may not respond or may be unresponsive.
  • The range may display error codes or error messages on the control board.

Troubleshooting Guide:

  • Check the power supply: Make sure the range is properly plugged in and receiving power. Test the outlet with a different appliance or use a circuit tester to verify that power is reaching the range.
  • Inspect the control board for damage: Look for signs of damage, such as burnt spots, corrosion, or loose connections. If you notice any issues, replace the control board.
  • Check the wiring harness: Inspect the wiring harness for signs of damage or loose connections. Repair or replace any damaged wiring.
  • Reset the control board: Sometimes, resetting the control board can resolve issues. To do this, turn off the range and unplug it for a few minutes. Plug the range back in and turn it on to see if the issue has been resolved.
  • Test the control board: If none of the above steps resolve the issue, you may need to test the control board. Use a multimeter to check the voltage at the control board’s terminals. If there is no voltage, the control board may need to be replaced.
  • Consult the user manual: If you’re unsure how to troubleshoot the issue or need more information, consult the user manual for your LG range. It may provide additional troubleshooting tips or solutions.

Control Board Replacement:

  • Turn off the power to the range before attempting any repairs.
  • Remove the back panel of the range to access the control board.
  • Disconnect the wires and connectors attached to the old control board.
  • Remove the mounting screws or brackets holding the control board in place.
  • Install the new control board by attaching the mounting screws or brackets.
  • Reconnect the wires and connectors to the new control board.
  • Replace the back panel of the range.
  • Restore power to the range and test the new control board to ensure proper functioning.

Compatible Models:

This part is compatible with brands and models listed below.

  • LG LSSE3026ST/00 Electric Oven/Range
  • LG LSSE3029BD/00 Electric Oven/Range
  • LG LSE4615BM/00 Electric Oven/Range
  • LG LSSE3030BD/00 Electric Oven/Range
  • LG LSE4615ST 30 Inch Smart Slide-In Electric Oven/Range
  • LG LSIS3018SS 6.3 Cu. Ft. Induction Slide-In Oven/ Range


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