EBR73592804 LG Range Oven Control Board

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EBR73592804 LG Range Oven Electronic Control Board

EBR73592804 LG Range Oven Control Board

The EBR73592804 is an electronic main control board used in LG range ovens. This component is responsible for regulating various functions of the oven, such as temperature control and timer settings.

If the EBR73592804 control board is malfunctioning, it can cause issues with the oven’s performance and require replacement.


  • Part Number: EBR73592804
  • Replacement Part Numbers: 6871W1N002G EBR73592804
  • Part Types: Range Oven Electronic Main Control Board
  • Compatible Brands: LG
  • Compatible Model Numbers: Please check the model numbers listed below.
  • Price: Please check the updated price below.


Here are some functions of the EBR73592804 LG Range Oven Control Board:

  • Regulates the temperature of the oven
  • Controls the heating elements of the oven
  • Manages the timing of the oven’s functions
  • Allows the user to set and adjust the oven’s temperature and cooking time
  • Displays error codes and alerts the user of any malfunctions
  • Communicates with other components of the oven, such as the thermostat and sensors
  • Enables the oven’s self-cleaning function
  • Provides a digital clock and timer for the oven
  • Controls the oven’s lighting and fans
  • May have additional features, such as a delay-start function or a Sabbath mode

Common Problems:

Here are some common symptoms of a faulty EBR73592804 LG Range Oven Control Board:

  • The oven doesn’t heat up or takes longer than usual to reach the desired temperature
  • The oven temperature is inconsistent and fluctuates frequently
  • The oven doesn’t maintain the set temperature and the food doesn’t cook evenly
  • The oven doesn’t turn on at all
  • The oven self-cleaning function doesn’t work properly
  • The display panel shows error codes or malfunctions
  • The buttons on the control panel don’t respond or work intermittently
  • The oven timer doesn’t work or shows incorrect time
  • The oven light doesn’t turn on or off correctly
  • The fan runs continuously even when the oven is turned off

Compatible Models:

This part is compatible with brands and models listed here: LRE3012SB, LRE3012ST, LRE3012SW, LRE5602SW, and more.


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EBR73592804 LG Range Oven Control Board
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