101559 Dacor Oven Control Board

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101559 Dacor Oven Relay Control Board

101559 Dacor Oven Relay Control Board

The 101559 Dacor Oven Relay Control Board is an important component in Dacor ovens that helps regulate the heating elements and maintain the desired temperature. If this part fails, the oven may not heat properly or at all.


  • Part Number: 101559
  • Replacement Part Numbers: n/a
  • Part Types: Range Oven Relay Control Board
  • Compatible Brands: Dacor
  • Compatible Model Numbers: n/a
  • Price: Please check the updated price below.


The Dacor Oven Relay Control Board is responsible for controlling various functions of the oven, including the temperature regulation, the heating elements, and the oven’s self-cleaning cycle.

The board uses relays to switch the different components on and off, ensuring that the oven operates safely and efficiently. It also monitors the temperature and other conditions inside the oven to ensure that everything is working properly.

In addition, the control board may include features such as a timer, clock, and other programmable settings that allow for customized cooking options.

Overall, the Dacor Oven Relay Control Board plays a critical role in the proper functioning of the oven and ensures that it runs smoothly and reliably.

Common Problems:

Here are some common problems associated with a faulty Dacor Oven Relay Control Board:

  • Oven not heating up
  • Oven not turning on
  • Oven overheating
  • Uneven heating or cooking
  • Display not working or showing error codes
  • Oven door not opening or closing properly
  • Fan not working or running constantly
  • Self-cleaning function not working
  • Ignition problems in gas ovens
  • Inconsistent temperature control


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101559 Dacor Oven Relay Control Board
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