DE94-03926B Samsung Oven Control Board

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DE94-03926B Samsung Oven Control Board

DE94-03926B Samsung Oven Control Board

Product: Electronic Control Board
Part Number: DE94-03926B
Replacement Parts: AP6244771, EAP12086034, PS12086034
Types: Samsung Range Oven Control Board, Appliance Replacement Parts, Electronic Circuit Board, Main Control Board Replacement Parts, Samsung Range Oven Parts, Samsung Range Repair Parts
Fits Brands: Samsung
Fits Appliance Types: Electric Gas Range/Oven, Electric Free Standing Range
Fits Models: This part fits the following home appliance models.

NE59M4320SW/AA-00, NE59M4320SB/AA-00, NE59M4320SB/AA-01, NE59M4320SB/AA-02, NE59M4320SB/AA-03, NE59M4320SG/AA-00, NE59M4320SG/AA-01, NE59M4320SG/AA-02, NE59M4320SG/AA-03, NE59M4320SS/AA-00, NE59M4320SS/AA-01, NE59M4320SS/AA-02, NE59M4320SS/AA-03, NE59M4320SW/AA-01, NE59M4320SW/AA-02, NE59M4320SW/AA-03, NE59M4320SW/AC, NE59R4321SG/AA, NE59R4321SG/AA-00, NE59R4321SS/AA, NE59R4321SS/AA-00, NE59R4321SS/AC, NE59T4321SW/AA, and more.

Parts Used Together with DE94-03926B Samsung Oven Control Board

  • DE07-00129A Samsung Range/Oven Display Board
  • DE07-00133C Samsung Range Main Display Board
  • DE92-03761B Samsung Range Oven Control Board
  • DG32-00002B Samsung Range Oven Temperature Sensor
  • DG34-00043A Samsung Range Touch Control Panel
  • DG34-00044A Samsung Ovnge/Range Membrane Switch
  • DG44-01002A Samsung Range Surface Element Control Switch
  • DG44-01005B Samsung Oven Surface Element Control Switch
  • DG61-00625A Samsung Range Oven Control Bracket
  • DG96-00348A Samsung Range Display Wire Harness

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DE94-03926B Samsung Oven Control Board

Range Oven Control Board DE94-03926B

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  • DE94-03984A Samsung Cover
  • DE94-03999B Samsung CONTROL BOX

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