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DC92-01596D Samsung Dryer Control Board

DC92-01596D Samsung Dryer Control Board

The DC92-01596D is a Samsung dryer control board that regulates the machine’s operations, such as temperature and cycle settings. It’s responsible for powering and communicating with other components, making it a vital part of the appliance.

If your Samsung dryer is malfunctioning or not working properly, replacing the control board with the DC92-01596D may solve the issue.


  • Part Number: DC92-01596D
  • Replacement Part Numbers: PS9605948, AP5916779, EAP9605948, DC92-01606C, 3996745
  • Part Types: Clothes Dryer Electronic Main Control Boar
  • Compatible Brands: Samsung
  • Compatible Model Numbers: Please check the model numbers listed below.
  • Price: Please check the updated price below.


  • Regulates temperature
  • Manages cycle settings
  • Powers the dryer
  • Communicates with other components

Common Problems:

  • Dryer won’t start or turn on
  • Dryer stops mid-cycle or won’t complete cycle
  • Dryer not heating up or over-heating
  • Control panel buttons not responding
  • Error codes displayed on the control panel

Troubleshooting Guide:

Here are some simple troubleshooting tips for the DC92-01596D Samsung Dryer Control Board:

  • Check the power source and ensure it’s plugged in correctly.
  • Verify that the dryer’s door is closed and latched properly.
  • Check the thermal fuse to make sure it’s not blown.
  • Clean the lint filter and ensure the dryer’s venting system is clear.
  • Check the control board for visible damage or signs of burnout.
  • Consider replacing the control board if none of the above steps resolve the issue.

Control Board Replacement:

Below are the steps to replace the DC92-01596D Samsung Dryer Control Board:

  • Unplug the dryer from the power source.
  • Locate the control board, usually found on the top or back of the dryer.
  • Remove the screws or clips that secure the control board to the dryer.
  • Carefully disconnect the wires and connectors from the old control board.
  • Connect the wires and connectors to the new control board.
  • Secure the new control board to the dryer with screws or clips.
  • Plug the dryer back in and test the new control board to ensure it’s functioning properly.

NOTE! .. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines when replacing any appliance parts. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable with the process, seek professional assistance.

Compatible Models:

This part is compatible with Samsung dryer models listed below. (Use Ctrl+F to find your model number.)

  • Samsung DV42H5000EW/A3-00 Dryer
  • Samsung DV42H5000EW/A3-01 Dryer
  • Samsung DV42H5000EW/A3-02 Dryer
  • Samsung DV42H5000EW/A3-03 Dryer
  • Samsung DV42H5000GW/A3-01 Dryer
  • Samsung DV42H5000GW/A3-02 Dryer
  • Samsung DV42H5000GW/A3-03 Dryer
  • Samsung DV42H5000EW/A3-04 Dryer
  • Samsung DV42H5000GW/A3-00 Dryer

NOTE! .. It’s always best to double-check your dryer model number and the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure compatibility with any replacement parts.

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