807024701 Frigidaire Dishwasher Control Board

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807024701 Frigidaire Dishwasher Control Board

807024701 Frigidaire Dishwasher Control Board

Product: Electronic Control Board
Part Number: 807024701
Replacement Parts: 5304506728, 5304500991, PS12365196, AP6285991, 154718501, 4584770, 5304501595, 5304502611, 807024702, 154776602, 154783201, 807024701, 154552001, 154635501, 154776601, EAP12365196
Types: Appliance Replacement Parts, Electronic Circuit Board, Main Control Board Replacement Parts, Frigidaire Dishwasher Control Board, Kenmore Dishwasher Control Board, Crosley Dishwasher Control Board
Fits Brands: Kenmore, Crosley, Frigidaire
Fits Appliance Types: Dishwasher
Fits Models: This part fits the following home appliance models.

58714102800, 58715102800, 58715102801, 58715103800, 58715103801, 58715104800, 58715104801, 58715109800, 58715109801, 58715212900, 58715213900, 58715214900, 58715219900, 58715232900, 58715233900, 58715234900, 58715238900, 58715239900, 58715252400, 58715252401, 58715252402, 58715253400, 58715253401, 58715253402, 58715254400, 58715254401, 58715254402, 58715259400, 58715259401, 58715259402, 58715262900, 58715263900, 58715264900, 58715269900, 58715282900, 58715283900, 58715284900, 58715289900, 58716102800, 58716102801, 58716103800, 58716103801, 58716104800, 58716104801, 58716109800, 58716109801, 58716232900, 58716233900, 58716234900, 58716238900, 58716239900, 58716252400, 58716252401, 58716252402, 58716253400, 58716253401, 58716253402, 58716254400, 58716254401, 58716254402, 58716259400, 58716259401, 58716259402, 58718243900, 58714022200A, 58714023200A, 58714024200A, 58714028200A, 58714029200A, 58715232900A, 58715232901A, 58715233900A, 58715233901A, 58715234900A, 58715234901A, 58715238900A, 58715238901A, 58715239900A, 58715239901A, 58715262900A, 58715263900A, 58715264900A, 58715269900A, 58715362100A, 58715362101A, 58715362101C, 58715362102C, 58715363100A, 58715363101A, 58715363101C, 58715363102C, 58715369100A, 58715369101A, 58715369101C, 58715369102C, 58716232900A, 58716233900A, 58716234900A, 58716238900A, 58716239900A, CDB350NB0A, CDB350NB10B, CDB350NB2A, CDB350NB3A, CDB350NB4A, CDB350NB5A, CDB350NB6B, CDB350NB7B, CDB350NB8B, CDB350NB9B, CDB350NW0A, CDB350NW10B, CDB350NW2A, CDB350NW3A, CDB350NW4A, CDB350NW5A, CDB350NW6B, CDB350NW7B, CDB350NW8B, CDB350NW9B, CDB400KB0, CDB400KB0A, CDB400KB1B, CDB400KW0, CDB400KW0A, CDB400KW1B, CDB500NB0A, CDB500NB1A, CDB500NB2A, CDB500NB3A, CDB500NB4A, CDB500NB5B, CDB500NS0A, CDB500NS1A, CDB500NS2A, CDB500NS3A, CDB500NS4A, CDB500NS5B, CDB500NW0A, CDB500NW1A, CDB500NW2A, CDB500NW3A, CDB500NW4A, CDB500NW5B, CDB600KB0, CDB600KB0A, CDB600KB1B, CDB600KS0, CDB600KS0A, CDB600KS1B, CDB600KW0, CDB600KW0A, CDB600KW1B, FDB1100RHB0, FDB1100RHB2, 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Parts Used Together with 807024701 Frigidaire Dishwasher Control Board

  • 154642901 Frigidaire Dishwasher Thermostat
  • 154662601 Frigidaire Dishwasher Door Latch Strike (replaces 154429101)
  • 807047901 Frigidaire Dishwasher Water Inlet Valve
  • 5304504853 Frigidaire Dishwasher Wire Harness (replaces 154851301, 5304506398)
  • 5304506718 Frigidaire Overlay
  • 5304506719 Frigidaire Dishwasher Selector 7-Button Switch
  • 5304513274 Frigidaire Dishwasher Door Hinge Arm Set (replaces 154691101, 154691201, 5304471888)
  • 5304517203 Frigidaire Dishwasher Spray Arm, Lower (replaces 154568001, 154568002, 5304506526)
  • 5304517280 Frigidaire Dishwasher Door Latch Assembly (Black) (replaces 5304500345, 5304517278)
  • A00126401 Frigidaire Dishwasher Drain Pump (replaces 154736201, 5304492415)

Frigidaire Dishwasher Control Panel Replacement Repair Videos

This video, created by RepairClinic.com, provides step-by-step repair instructions for replacing the control panel on Frigidaire dishwasher model FGID2466QF7A. The most common reason for replacing the panel is if the dishwasher won’t start.

(Video Credit: RepairClinic)

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  • 5304517587 Frigidaire Dishwasher Touchpad/Switch Assembly
  • 5304520582 Frigidaire Dishwasher Control Board
  • 5304529215 Frigidaire Dishwasher Main Control Board
  • 5304531745 Frigidaire Dishwasher Circuit Control Board
  • A06115601 Frigidaire Dishwasher Control Board
  • A11147301 Frigidaire Dishwasher Control Board

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807024701 Frigidaire Dishwasher Control Board

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